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Cosmos flowers in my garden.

It is stil november, not quite cold yet. The fall foliage is all there, therefore in my little garden there are still beautiful colours of summer. I am talking about these gorgeous windswept flowers of Cosmos plant. I have just recently learned that the flowers were given the name of "cosmos" by Spanish priests who grew them in their mission gardens in Mexico. They were so intrigued by the exquisite, orderly arrangement of the flowers' petals that they named the plant after the Greek word kosmos meaning “decoration, order and harmony of the universe". I brought mine cosmos seeds form Poland, England and bought them also in a localy garden centre in Spain. I mixed them all together, and sowed in a new made patch. Taking advantage of the the ¨cosmos time¨ decided to drew them, so they will stay for even longer then only now.

To draw this illustration I have used blackwing pencil, various ink pens and Winsor & Newton watercolours, all in my Sacura drawing notebook.


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