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FLOW- creative Christmas Workshop for children

Espacio de Arte- Laura Juarez,

October 2019, Valladolid


Art Market by EA

Sunday 1 of December 2019

from 17.00 to 21.00



FLOW-creative workshop for children


This creative workshop happened in a beautiful creative art space owned by Laura Juárez García.
The aim of that workshop was to have fun! All children participated in a cognitive process through various artistic activities that stimulat different senses like: touching, watching, hearing, smelling and testing.

Espacio de Arte- Laura Juarez,

October 2019, Valladolid

'Cuando miro'

I exhibited mostly my bird illustrations but also portraits and nature related artworks. 
It was my first exhibition in Valladolid, Spain.
Coco cafe it's a very special and vibrant place, where many artists have chance to exhibit and play music concerts.

CoCo Cafe,
April 2019, Valladolid 


'Illustraciencia' -  Art, Science and Nature” 


The aim of this project was to share and reward scientific and naturalist illustrations. 

I presented my artworks, particularly bird illustrations which are not exactly made with a scientific intention and precision. But because I like to study nature and what catches my attention simply has to be interpreted on the paper with ink ,watercolour or any other medium.

In my presentation I mentioned also two important people: Charles Darwin and a BBC presenter David Attenborough, who are a great influence in how I see nature and how I create my illustrations.

 It was very interesting to meet people who approach nature and scientific illustration from a different angle but with the same excitement

National Museum of Natural Sciences 

November 2018, Madrid

'Illustraciencia was born in 2009 under the coordination of Miquel Baidal Crespo. The event was organised in National Museum of Natural Sciences (MNCN-CSIC) in Madrid, with the collaboration of the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT). 

You can find some more informations about Illustraciencia here



ArteXparte, cultural event

I was invited to participate in that ten days project with other artists of different nationalities to work on the basis of a common project, to create a collective work from individual spaces. The chosen place: the "Roberto De Vicenzo" Cultural and Sports Activities Center.


We had forty panels of the same size and shape, on which more than forty artists with neighbours of Berazategui were part of a cultural framework, in which various aesthetics, currents and thoughts, lived together to create a visual collage that represents the metaphor of a society that builds from the singularity and diversity of the parties towards the concordance of a whole.


An “ArteXparte” with social and aesthetic commitment whose objective was to recover public space, as a meeting, exchange, participation and action space and build the cultural heritage of the community from its most representative material (glass).

Berazategui, Argentina,

September 2010

More info here and here



 I presented a series of larg format oil paintings combined with photography. The main subject of my artworks was 'human body' and  'Gender as a construct shaped in various areas in Polish and World art'. 

The exhibition had a place in Calisia, once a beautiful piano factory in Kalisz, Poland.

I choose that place for many reasons, for its ambient, cultural aspects and space.

 It was a part of my Master thesis in Art that I made in University of Adam Mickiewicz in Kalisz, Poznań, Poland, under the supervision of prof. Jarosław Kozłowski..

CALISIA, piano factory

June 2009, Kalisz, Poland

More info here

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